Saturday, March 1, 2014

What The World Needs Is A Little More Kindness

I really wish people would treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect.  Life should have lots of fun in it, but not at someone else's expense.  Honesty is key, equally so communication.  You don't realize how your words, ( or lack of them), can affect others.  Failure to communicate honestly is the main cause of problems for us stupid humans. Why is that?  Why are we so afraid to talk and be honest with one another?  What holds us back?

I've seen the consequences of thoughtless, careless remarks as well as deliberate remarks that are meant to hurt, humiliate and bully.  How can we hope for a better Life, a better community, a better world when we are either careless or cruel with our words?

We don't need god or the bible to be good humans. We need empathy, because when you can feel another's pain, and identify with that pain, you begin to become aware of how you have been causing pain to others, even when you thought you weren't.  

When you have empathy for others, you begin to have empathy for community, and the world.  Imagine how wonderful if everyone, everywhere, all around the world, were to suddenly be overwhelmed with the realization that all these wars and feuds and hatreds and contempts and anger is just foolishly wasted time.  Instead of saying,  "I'm only one person, I can't do anything", say, "I want to live my Life causing as little pain to others as I can."  Be mindful of your words and actions, encourage others to do so, and be an example of how it brings peace and contentment to your soul and how it lights a fire in your belly to be a good human being. 

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