Sunday, September 22, 2013

Come The Harvest

As of 4:44 p.m., it is now "officially" Autumn.  The time of Harvest, of gathering in the grains, the fruits that 
have been growing and ripening all Summer.  Time to receive the bounty of the Harvest in return for our good stewardship and hard work throughout the year.  Butcher the the fatted calf, the hog, lay in the meat for the hard Winter season ahead, lay in the preserves of the garden, of the vine. Winnow and store up grains, some to grind, some to cook. Put the garden to bed, covering her with a nice over winter cover crop that will return to the soil at first tilling next Spring, enriching the soil for the next year's crops.  Once we lived by the rhythms of Nature, the Cycles of her Seasons.  We knew when to plow, when and what to plant.  
We're so far from that now as humans.  No wonder we're all a little nuts.  

Friday, September 20, 2013