Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh Miley, you poor thing!

Well well well.  Poor Miley.  The only statement she's making about herself is that she's cheap and trashy, not sexy and edgy. 
There's FAR more to being sexy than a stripper routine and molesting a foam finger.   Have some class, some elegance.  Some √©lan.  Some real pride and self respect.  

She should also have a sense of personal responsibility. Millions of young girls admire her.  Want to be like her.  Ask yourselves this: "Do I think that's what I want my 10-12 year old daughter copying?"  Because in reality, there are young girls who woke up this morning thinking of copying.  

I get individuality and personal freedom, really, I do.  I grew up in the era of increasing sexual freedom for women and the equal rights movement.  Bra burning and the March on Washington, and the Vietnam War.  Turbulent times for the entire country.  But not too far removed from the little woman being nothing but a home and babymaker and a "servant".  

Our Sisters have fought since 1848 for our rights to be more than just chattel to a man, to vote, to have a say, to be an individual.  The current women's rights movement has devolved into backbiting, callousness, and cheapness of character.  It pits us against one another.  Fake friends and fake lives.  

We're still fighting to be seen as something other than an object, a vessel, a commodity to be used and discarded.  Yet we let the media tell us what to do, think, eat, wear, what to look like, and how to be.  And if we don't fit "their" standards, (who is this mythical "their"?), then we are somehow "less", our value is lower.  I call BULLSHIT!!!!

Miley might think she's expressing herself as a woman, but that was downright nasty...  Stunts like that hold us back, not empower us. We want to be more than objects or possessions, yet we portray ourselves as objects and allow ourselves to become "owned" by abusive relationships.  

We are our own worst enemy.