Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cooking in Quantity/prep

So lately, since I've been working overtime, I've been cooking up meals and freezing them, with some only being prepped to a point before freezing for minimal assembly/cooking after a long day.  
Right now I'm sautéing 1large finely chopped Vidalia onion, a 10 oz jar of sliced mushrooms and pressed garlic in about 1/2 C water, adding more water as needed till onions are tender and translucent.  
Half of this will be added to the lean ground turkey I'm browning, heavy on the basil, oregano, Tuscan seasoning, pink Himalayan salt and pepper and crushed fennel seed.  
At this point, I'll store in a freezer safe till cool, then freeze for use in stuffed shells or stuffed manicotti, with the addition of a few more ingredients, then assembled and baked.  
A package of ground sirloin mixed with the remaining onion, mushroom, garlic mixture, ready to be cooled and frozen. 
The second package of ground sirloin and a roll of Po Folks Italian sausage browned together.  This will be divided into two separate containers and frozen, for use in spaghetti sauce and or soups. 
So, that's part of my prep cooking for the week. It really is nice to have a home cooked meal in a very short amount of time after a long day.  You'll eat better, have better control over your food/calorie intake, and you won't have to rely on prepackaged, over processed junk.  

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