Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Man's Inhumanity

Unless you are under a rock, you have to be aware of the situation in Gaza.  It is deplorable, cruel, inhumane.  I am saddened and disappointed in people who say "let them kill each other" or "we should just bomb them off the map".  Do you not hear how insane and inhuman and hypocritical you sound when you say such things?   How can you hold such a belief yet be angered by 9/11 or Oklahoma City?  Yes, what Hamas is doing us wrong.  Does that make it acceptable then, for Israel to deliberately target children on a beach, on a playground?  To blow CHILDREN into pieces?  To target hospitals, even those that are for invalids?  Two wrongs DO NOT make a right. 
Could you look into the eyes of grieving parents who have lost all of their children and still say such things?  Could you say them to the couple who begged to be let out of Palestine for an emergency surgery to separate newborn conjoined twins in a desperate effort to save at least one child, only to be refused exit by the Israelis, only the have both babies die?  
Could you say them to cancer sufferers who cannot get chemo because of the blockade?   Could you look in the mirror and watch yourself say those hate filled words?  Because if you can, there is something fundamentally wrong with your humanity.  
Hate is at the root of all conflicts.  It doesn't matter whether you are American, Palestinian, Israeli, Christian, Jewish or Muslim or of any other nationality or faith. Hate divides, hate destroys, and it most certainly diminishes your humanity.  
It is just as callous to turn a blind eye to it, ignoring it.  To say nothing, to do nothing, that makes you in complicit agreement with it.  As Desmond Tutu said, "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."  
As a parent, if you do not teach your children about them and do not stand up against the injustices if the world, you are teaching your children not to care.  You are doing them a great disservice, because how can you say you are trying to make the world a better place for them when your actions speak louder?  If we raise our children with these divisive and negative beliefs, theirs won't be a better world, and in all likelihood, it will be worse.   The cycle will just keep repeating.  
I'm sick to death of hearing people whine about how hard they have it, or how no one likes them, or they don't have this or that latest and greatest thing.  When innocent men, women and children are dying, not just in Gaza, but around the globe , to whine about your tiny little First World problems is, at best, selfish and immature.  Life is about more, much more, than just you.  
Those being killed....they're someone's mother or father or sister or brother...someone's daughter or son, someone's wife, husband, lover, grandparents, FAMILY.  Look at your family and ask yourself, could I stand seeing them go through that?   Or is it easier, somehow, just to not see the Palestinians' humanity because they aren't white Americans?   Ask yourself that, too.  

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